Monday, February 2, 2009

Nothing wrong with being a big zero!

Today was Aiden's 18 moth check up. Technically he is 19 months but we slept through his original appointment date. 11 am, Aiden never sleeps that late, but he must hate going to the Doctor as much as I do.

Drum roll please.....
Weight 21 pounds 4 oz!!! That my friends is the ZERO percentile. Why am I so excited, well because he has been in the negative twenty percentile. Which I will say again, How is there a negative percentile?
Height 31 4/4 inches. 25 percentile. This has been about the same since his 9 month check up.
Head 49 inches. 78 Percentile. This I don't trust because he has been all over the charts and they frequently have to measure twice because they don't like the number they get the first time. I am just gonna say he has a big freakin head and leave it at that.

And this time they didn't even bug me about the shots, that I refuse to give him.

Any firsts since our 15 month check up.
He got his first pillow! It is sooo cute. He had been sick so I had been sleeping in his room so he wouldn't asperate. Then he would wake up in the middle of the night, I would grab his pillow and him and we would go sleep in my bed. Well he got better, but he got in the habit of sleeping with mommy. One night he woke up and I went in to check to make sure he was alright. He was standing up with his pillow in one hand ready to go. "What have I done?"
He officially has all of his teeth. Well until the 6 year old mollars.
He now said PEEEEEE. Which means please. He also will help clean up and put things in the garbage.
He slept in a big boy bed for the first time. First set of stitches. Looking forward to many more..

He can reach a higher shelf on the DVD rack

Big Boy Bed at Daddy's

He is very independent and MUST eat the disgusting weiner all by himself:)

He never stops moving

When we pulled out his old baby things for new baby, he reverted.
He never liked this thing when he was the right size for it.

The big boy still has his binky.

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