Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fall Down. Go boom.

Today I fell. I fell hard! Coming down the stairs I must have stepped on my foot wrong and it did not support me. I screamed. Man I really screamed and cried and as my son frightened came over to me I had to gain control and tell him "Mommy is alright."
I didn't have my phone on me. It took all my strength to go into the room right at the bottom of the stairs, very near where I landed, and pull my laptop off my desk to the floor. I was hoping Josh was on-line, but he wasn't. So I instant messaged his two friends, Asiel and Rob (Thanks for being on the computer so much guys), and asked them to call him and have him get online. I tried both of them because sometimes Josh doesn't answer and I figured if he saw both of them calling he would think something was wrong. So Josh came home to take me to the Doctor. I crawled up the stairs to get Aiden and I some clothes. I crawled back down to get him dressed. I crawled back up to head out the door, got half way up and realized my wallet was downstairs and they specifically asked me to bring ID. So back down again I went. It was excruciatingly painful.
At the Dr. they took x-rays and he didn't see a break. Yet he still referred me to a podiatrist (foot specialist) and gave me my x-rays to take with me and said, "Sorry if I missed anything." WHAT! What kind of Dr. says that as you leave? I have a REAL confidence in his diagnosis. NOT! So who knows whats wrong, but I am going back to a specialist on Thursday morning if I survive. I am literally crawling on my hands and knees around the house. Except in the kitchen, where I hopp on one foot. that tile floor is much too hard for my knees. Aiden thinks its all a game. He laughs at me when I crawl and when I hop, he jumps to mimic me. I have been terribly impatient with him today. And to make matters horribly worse, I have nothing on my Tivo because I watched it all yesterday, on my sick day. So I am super bored and unable to move:(

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Diane Owen said...

Need any help? I could come get Aiden in the morning or something if you need some time. I have to visit teach from 9:30 to about 10:30, but otherwise I'm just going to be home all day.