Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where are you?

What? Nobody's blogging? I just went to every single one of our friends blogs and NO updates! Where are you all? Then I realized it had been over a week for me so here I am.

First, I had a wonderful Birthday (The 21st). Josh surprised me and took Aiden and I to St. George for the weekend. I love hotels! (well nice hotels) The beds are super comfy and somebody cleans up after you. Fun fun.

199 to go! I have started working out with a personal trainer. Coleson is his name. Making me hurt is his game. I got a deal if I paid for the entire year up front. SO 199 to go...

I love posts with pictures so....
Aiden and his best friend loungin' in the sac

1 comment:

Diane Owen said...

Way to go with the trainer. They sure can try and kill you, but its worth it! You'll be in good shape in no time! :)