Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baby Jesus

Tonight Baby Aiden made his theatrical debut as Baby Jesus in the Live Nativity. He did very well at first. Then we had a fussy period where Daddy had to pick him up and bounce him. Then he got really tired. The pictures are from the end when he was tired. We are so proud of him and super happy that we got to participate in this.

PS: That there chicken above me...It pooped on me! Right at the start and I didn't know. Josh had to keep from laughing the entire time as he stared at me and my poopy chicken.

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Diane Owen said...

Sweet pictures! That must have been so fun to do. You guys look great, even if you did get pooped on by a chicken! haha. Sorry we couldn't make it, the kids are still recovering and we have our weekly dinner with Ryan's parents on Thursday, but I was thinking of you!