Thursday, July 30, 2009


I need something to take my mind off life right now. I NEED everybody to blog, so I have something to read. But instead you are all out having a fun summer. Why? Poor me...

Obviously when things are going so terribly wrong in your life, it is much too personal to blog about. But let me tell you this is the year to beat all years.

I will tell you what has pushed me over the edge. The straw that broke the camels back, the thing that has almost sent me to a catatonic stage.
We have been trying to sell our house for about 6 months. No luck! So we decided to refinance it. We currently have a 7% interest rate. HOLY CRAP! I know. So we got the go ahead, were told we would get 5%. Then the appraisal came in and our land value has decreased $40,000 since December. Nobody saw that coming.
So here we are stuck with a 7% interest rate. Luckily our house is still worth a small amount more than we owe, just all the money we put into remodeling has been lost. No equity.
Anybody want to refinance our house for us? 5% is better than most 401K's are getting right now :) The credit union will only loan 80% of appraised amount and we owe 95% of appraised amount. Suck suck sucky!

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Than & Lina said...

Oh man, I'm sorry things are so rough. I'd try to post more on my blog for you, but I'm not very good at it and you went to Norway with me. :) Things will have to turn up at some point and we're going to cabin soon, so hang in there!