Friday, June 5, 2009


I am not a pleasant person. Most people know that about me. Today I was having unpleasant thoughts and it's only fair I should share.....
When my great grandparents died, my mom and dad and us great grand kids didn't get anything. Believe me there was plenty to go around. When my grandparents die they have said everything will be divided between the 4 siblings (my mom being one of them). My mom has said, she is not leaving anything to her kids, it's all going to her grandkids. So you've probably guessed, WHAT ABOUT ME???????
I am getting skipped. Not that any body in my family has much to give but hey a few grand from the sell of their assets would be nice:) I think there should be a rule as to which generation down it goes. I've been a good kid, a good grandkid. I think I am going to spend all my money and just leave my kids with nothin.
Oh one more not nice thought...
I had a friend who told me when her grandpa died he divided it among his children, but he debited anything he ever loaned the kids and wasn't paid back. I think that's a great idea! If your kids borrow money, and NEVER pay it back , take it from their inheritance. It's only fair to the kids who didn't take your money when you were alive. Can you imagine the looks on those kids faces. "And Tommy, your inheritance is $20,000 short because of the loan you never repaid in 1998." ha that would be cool.

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