Friday, February 15, 2008

Tum Tu Tu Tu Tummms

This is what Josh send me for Valentines Day, only Larger. This picture is of the medium size, I got the Big one. I ate plenty.
Timbleton enjoyed one.
You should have seen how quickly he ripped that thing out of Josh's hand.

This is what I gave to Josh at his work. There were two more cookies, but they got eaten before I could even get the camera out

Hey Daddy I'll take that...
See why we are needing the Tums...

Happy Valentines Day!
Our Little Sweetheart!

We had a Great Valentines Day! We are very blessed to have so much love in our lives.
We Love You All Very Much.


Diane Owen said...

mmmm. Those all look very tasty. Wish I was at your house!

Likely said...

DUDE! pass the chocolate strawberries already! Josh can please email dave and tell him wear to get some of those delicacies for his beautiful wife.