Monday, September 17, 2007


This Saturday we decided to explore Philadelphia. Shortly after arrival we realized that this city might require another visit to see it all.
Aiden was great! Maybe he is starting to get used to all this traveling. He got to officially break in his new sling.
Mommy loves this new sling and is going to invest in several more (you can use it til they're toddlers and still have free hands) (based in Utah).

From the moment we woke up Daddy was singing the Rocky theme song. Here they are. The Rocky steps.

Independence Hall

and of course Aiden's first visit to a Hard Rock Cafe! Mommy's favorite!
More pictures of Philadelphia check out 2007 album on the Em & Josh photo link

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jamie lynette said...

Emily did you really run the whole way up holding him? You guys really are becoming true East Coasters!