Monday, June 25, 2007


As some of you may know we have a very small pond in our backyard. In this pond we have Frogs. When I discovered the frogs I was not pleased. Josh had to find a new home for as many as he could. One weekend he removed 13 frogs. Unfortunately we did not get them out before they did the nasty, and we now have a zillion tad poles.

A few frogs remained after we tried to exile them. I don't mind them as much now, so they will probably remain, unless Toby eats them.

This weekend Parker and Isabella wanted Josh to catch a frog so they could see it and hold it. After several attempts, one of which we learned that them there frogs are great jumpers, we adjusted our plan to include a lid for the Rubbermaid, Success! Josh caught us a cute green one. Bella loved it. She was so brave. She petted it, held it all by herself, and even kissed it multiple times.

Parker was very scared and forced to touch it against his screaming will.

Toby and Zeke were way fascinated. Toby was very hyper and couldn't control himself. He was jumping on anyone holding the frog and almost turned this story into a tragedy when the frog got out of our hands and made a break for it. After a fun day Bella released him back to the pond.

Click here to see all the cute froggie pictures.

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