Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kitchen Remodel

Dave, Em's dad, came out for the last week and a half to help us work on the house. The primary project was redoing the kitchen. Wow is construction a lot of hard work and wow am I out of shape! Here is what we started with, the original 1950's kitchen!

Next step is demo:

Some electrical (ugh, I hate attics!) and Plumbing (Dave ripped out nearly every pipe in our house and put in nice copper supply pipes with filtration system and new PVC sewage pipes!).

Then some sheet rock. Oh ya, and a new door :)

And finally to the almost finished room.

Take a good look at this floor. It is beautiful. Em found some travertine at a blow out price (Same price as normal ceramic tile!) so Dave laid that for us. It really really looks nice!

Dave put in a tone of work and as you can see it came out really nice. Em was the master cabinet builder and overall designer. I just took a few pictures, tried to keep my screws going into the wall straight and played grunt. It was a lot of fun, though exceptionally tiring!

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